Your Chief Marketing Officer Isn't An Intern

Your chief marketing office is responsible for crafting and distributing your company message in the social sphere. Carefully building a cohesive, comprehensive, and strategic set of posts, tweets, images and curation to bring in new clients.

Your Chief Marketing Officer conveys your voice, telling your story of creation and creating demand for that product or service.

Your connections in the social world depend on their ability to market your service and products.

Why would you place this responsibility in the hands of an intern?

Images that vanish, or do they? Snapchat

All social media platforms need a bit of caution and education before you embrace them completely.

Always research a new platform, see how the current users use it, then go ahead and do a Google search to see if there is any negative publicity that might slop over onto your pristine brand.

Mudslinging is fast and furious in the social world, and choices can make a big difference in your credibility.

For visual brands there are many choices, if your brand skews toward Teenagers, one you have to know about is Snapchat.

The Good:

YouTube vs. Vimeo-The Battle for Motion

While we all know a picture says one thousand words, a video is an entire speech.

Moving images capture the eye and the imagination, conveying more information in a brief amount of time.

Using Free tools (Google+ hangouts)to create the video files, brands can create a channel of information for clients and future clients.

YouTube has become THE source of information for all people worldwide, bringing entertainment, information, and instruction directly into people’s computers, smartphones and tablets.

Self selected for their tastes and desires, from toddlerhood to elder time, YouTube is the source of entertainment.

All businesses can place their products and services in front of the world by using free Google+ tools to record Live events with all the vibrancy that live entails or delay viewing till later, after editing.

Hire Jean Layton to act as your producer
These tools:
  • Hangouts on Air,

  • Hangouts on Air Events and

  • YouTube Live Events
each have their own special roll to play in your marketing message.  Being comfortable in front of a camera is a big asset.

There are many ways to increase this ease, from speech training to video coaching. 

How to videos showing products in use, from cooking shows to new product launches.

Why Instagram Is The Secret Ingredient for Connections

instagram logo

 Instagram is the secret ingredient for connections and conversations with clients for brands.

Instagram is a mobile photo application, developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, that constrains all images to a square similar to the old Polaroid photos.

Beautiful instant images taken by smartphones running either IOS or Android are the product of their innovative idea that people like to share what they see instantly, but desire the ability to tweak their images too.

Instagram is the sharing venue for instantaneous news photographers,  food bloggers, nature lovers, scenic photography and live events.

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Creative people love the filters:

LinkedIn Couples Business Connections

Linked In

It took me years to consider LinkedIn important for my social media efforts.

As a solopreneur, the relevancy of older, former business connections in my current field were small and hard to reconcile with the time it took to stay popular in the LinkedIn world.

And then my perspective changed.